Book Reviews

“Sara’s efforts to define conservatism — delineating the measured, deliberate conservatism that resists change and serves as the counterbalance to our society’s worst populist instincts from the more radical conservatism that seeks to return to a minimalist, 1800s style of constitutional governance — is an important contribution to the debate over the future of the Republican Party,” – Dan Liljenquist, former Utah Republican state senator

“He (Brent Gilchrist) was unfailingly thoughtful and deeply committed to scholarship that could speak to some of our most foundational issues in very real world ways. I am so pleased that this book could be finished and produced posthumously. It is a wonderful tribute to a great scholar and friend.” – Matthew Holland, President of Utah Valley University

If you’re wondering how Donald Trump won the presidential election, this book will show you how. Trump did not appear out of the blue, and the recent history of the Republican Party, under the interpretation of the author, clearly shows the inevitable rise of someone like Trump within the Republican Party itself. (American’s voting for him is another matter.) Author Sara Jarman saw the current climate within the Republican Party coming long ago. She precisely details the factions inside the party and why the GOP has failed to unite with a common front for decades. If you believe in the politically conservative nature of the GOP, or if you feel leaders in the GOP somehow represent the desires of our founding fathers, this book may cause you to re-evaluate things once assumed as bedrock values of the party.

The book is well-researched, well-thought out, well-written, and well worth your time. As a person who is not particularly politically minded, Elephants on the Rampage was a great introduction into the the inner-workings of the GOP and politics at large.” – Martha Ostergar, Freelance Editor